Monday, February 24, 2014

Chapter 6 Review Answers


As the sample size n increases without limit, the shape of the distribution of the sample means taken with replacement from a population with mean m and standard deviation s will approach a normal distribution. As previously shown, this distribution will have a mean m and a standard deviation σ/√n.

The middle is at 1
normalpdf(1,1,2) to find the height at the middle
go out 3 standard deviations on each side, and take the curve down close to 0.

mean = n * p
variance = n*p*(1-p)
standard deviation = √n*p*(1-p)

5. invNorm(.25,50,6) = ?

6. binomcdf(250, .4, 110) = ?

7. The standard deviation changes and standard error is used instead.

8. normalcdf(-1E99,40,39,7/√30) = ?

9. Follow the steps.

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